Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update on Digable Art Festival in Hoboken, NJ


So this weekend I went to check out Kaliptus and 60+ artists display and sell their work at the Monroe Center in NJ (just 15 near the Lincoln Tunnel). It was amazing to see the amount of work generated and crammed onto two floors. One of my favorites was Zofia Bogusz (www.zofiaart.com). I actually purchased one of her fish board prints called "Payara" (original was done in pencil and oils on wood) and learned that this "vampire fish" eats piranhas. I even purchased a little ceramic cup set which screams kawaii. Hoping this event comes back next year - it would be a great new tradition for NJ. If you're looking to submit or volunteer, check out www.dogruncity.com for more info.

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