Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Job Hunting 101 (What I learned from SVA)

So this is from a handout given at last weeks workshop and I thought I'd spread the wealth to those alumni who didn't attend. Enjoy!

Written by Rhonda Schaller. You can visit her blog at:

Informational Interviews

1. Build rapport
2. Gather information
3. Ask for help if appropriate
4. Send a thank you note
5. Stay in touch

Questions to ask:

What got you started in this industry?
What other careers did you consider?
Are you happy in your choice?
What's a typical day like?
What do you like what do you dislike?

DO NOT ask for a job.

Talk honestly and openly about your own career aspirations and why the industry in question appeals to you. If you click, keep the person abreast of your career progress and decisions.

How to arrange the interview

When calling or emailing, make it clear you are not asking for a job. Tell them you are calling because (name), a mutual acquaintance has suggested they are a real authority in their field or an inspiring example, and if they have 10 minutes, you'd like to ask them a few questions.

Do your research ...

Research the company a d the industry before meeting with someone for an informational interview. Try to have an idea of what you want to do and how the person can help you.

Key Concepts:
Tell everyone you're looking for a job
Use alumni resources and internships
Keep in touch with former bosses, co-workers, teachers, peers
Meet people informally through informational interviews and don't ask for jobs directly
Job offer negotiation
Accept and begin new job!

Informational Interview Questions

How did you decide on this career?
What have you found to be the most exciting or challenging part of the field?
Is there any one thing, or one decision you made, that helped propel you to where you are today?
What prepared you most for the career you have today?
If you ha it all to do over again, what, if anything, would you do differently?
What is the best or most exciting thing about your job?
What would you recommend less experienced artist do now to prepare for a career such as yours?
What is the best piece of career advise you've ever received?
What advise would you give young college artists?
Over the course of your career, what have you discovered about yourself?

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