Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My name was Eve (Lilith) By Mani C. Price

I am powerful 
I answer to no one 
My blood boils and my womb quickens 
My thighs grow hot and my lips wet 
You enter me and you know what home is 
I am in your thoughts and make you burn in your dreams 
To know me is to know ecstasy 
I am a goddess 
Perfectly flawed with no care
You never had it so good 
So you call me names…

a demon 

a harlot 

Whore…but I am your whore 

Who cares about anything but now ?
My loves are many like the stars 
I am endless 
I am eternal 
you cannot escape me 
I was the first and I will be the last
This is my blessing … and my curse to you

Spirits within, when the stars are right...Decemberween most unexpected

Hello. I know it's been awhile. I owe you an update. Well since we are experiencing a snow storm during this Halloween / Fall season early, it seemed a good time as any to sit down and get to business. I am recovering from an illness so I am fairly weak but gaining strength ... and feeling a bit restless. As a magic practitioner and artist I am a little disappointed my illness has made it impossible to clean, participate, work and create during this wonderful cosmic season. 

I recently went to Sleepy Hollow (like I do every year) and apple picking with friends. This time it felt very different. Very solemn and awe inspiring like a pilgrimage. After the site seeing we sat for a picnic near the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Creek with our haul. We paid our respects and took some water from the Creek and bid the site farewell.

This is called a woolly bear. It's a tiger moth larva. You can tell it's going to be a tough winter this year by the color bands. It's amazing my friend Katelan had a sweater the same color when she found it!

I wonder if it's because the veils are thinning, just the season for this kind of thing, my mind playing tricks, or me being sick but strange things have been happening this month. Maybe just more open to it or aware. Dreams are coming in every other day. They feel very shamanic in quality. I've never worked with or dreamt with native american spirits. Maybe it's because of where or who I am hanging with and I'm picking up on it? I dreamt recently that I was a man on a quest. All I had was a sack and staff. I was told by an elder to go North. That if I followed the Northern Lights, others will be waiting for me at the end. I get images. Some feel like dreams. Others feel like memories possibly.

Benedict Family's mausoleum. 
The door is beautiful and the energy coming from it was unbelievable.

A few nights ago when a relative on Jason's side came to visit, I had a vision. Maybe for them? I was in an cave or mountainside dwelling. I spoke to a fire creature. Its body was made of wax and could move independently. It had a throne. It glistened. Where a wax head should have been was instead fire on a wick. A candle man? There was no genitals. It was an "IT". It spoke about wishes and desires. It spoke about keys and using them to open doors. How to use them and not to loose them. Spoke in pops, hisses and whispers.

Today I woke to a woman stroking my arm up and down as to soothe or calm me. I of course got up angry and told her go away in a not so nice manner. She giggled and put a finger to her mouth and left my bed room slamming the door. My bedroom is always off limits. So this surprised me. They know to communicate with me, they must come through gently through dreams for me to take them seriously. Like humans, spirits lie but it's harder for them to if you have your protections up.

Us at the Sleepy Hollow creek and bridge site.

I've been thinking a lot about magic. I hadn't done it in years since I felt content, was busy, fell out of grace, etc. so it was the farthest from my mind. It took a friend to get the magical dialogue going again and now I've been thinking of incorporating it into my art more instead of just "observing" it. During all this, my friend Ken who's a mortician will be visiting me while on a business trip in the city. I haven't seen him in years (since he lives far away) so it kinda apropos he's here on Samhain while doing "a job".

Photo reference of Justin as Lovecraft reading a book for a painting I'm doing.

My friend Kat is crazy about W. S. Burroughs. His life ... his afterlife, his artistic life, his magic life, etc. Me and a group of friends in the past knew about him, the drug usages and his writing work. We were more interested in Burroughs the magician. So chaos magic was what we focused on. I start comparing. It's this childish thing I do. Who do I love or admire in that way? I used to love certain writers and artists but then I stopped enjoying them at some point and started hating them or ignoring them. They felt too mainstream. Everyone adored them whether for right or wrong reasons and it didn't feel personal anymore. I couldn't connect.

My tastes had changed. I wanted something more ... mature? Evolved? Darker? Dangerous? I'm not sure. I keep thinking about Lovecraft and the dreamer's key stories. I have 3 paintings I need to finish. The remainder of the year I'm going to just be cranking out work and attending friends events and shows. I also need to sit down and sort out a plan of some sort. I did many years ago and then felt it just dissolve in the glare of the Wall Street sun god. So plans weren't for me. I've been going with the flow so I don't stress. I feel I need a focus of some sort. I need my North Star.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DAF Promo

DAF Promo is here. and The festival's new website is here. It's beautiful. They redid the space and it's amazing. This weekend is going to be awesome!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2011 Digable Arts Festival

Sorry I haven't posted much up lately. I have been super busy getting ready for the Digable Arts Festival, which I hope to see you all there. I've recently met some awesome artists (like Ryan Thompson from VTF) who will also be attending the event. I am very excited, looking forward to it... and nervous. I will be having my first interview on camera. I have no idea what to expect. I am preparing as best I can. My new business cards will be showing up sometime today. I am wondering how they'll look once in my hand and if it was anything I pictured in my head. I worry a lot. It's what I do. I hope I painted enough to fill a 10x10 feet space. I doubt it, but I'm only one person so I can't be too hard on myself.

The quest "for baby" continues along side family drama and I've been exploring my magical roots and jewel crafting. Also forcing myself to "fill the well" by going to events, shows and hang out with friends so I don't get creatively blocked or burnt. Right now I've hit a wall since my apartment is chaotic and I can't think when my space isn't clear. It's just the way I am as a creative. I am waiting to hear from another gallery if I'm in the group show or not. Fingers crossed.

After october I have no idea what I'll be doing since I've been going almost non-stop. Maybe this is a good thing so I can actually take a breather and paint more. Maybe find a theme to thread everything together. I know this is my weakness - the quantity of work. Quality always comes with practice but quantity is difficult to achieve when you're a perfectionist or realist...or both. Actually if you're both you're fucked. Don't ask me. Don't even look at me. I will look the other way, man. Really. I know for most, the opposite is true, but we are talking about me.

I am looking back at my blog right now though and realizing, "wow... another year is almost over and gone. That was so fast." 2011 has been a very good year and a year of change. If you don't believe me, look up #occupywallstreet. There is definitely an awaking of the spiritual kind and well... people are just fet up. I am glad it is catching on and I expect good things to only happen now that all the "evil" is exposed to the sun rays of "truth". But enough about the apocalypse! Back to making art.