Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Old idea/joke of mine. Series of animated random shorts where weird things are going on (i.e. an atom while screaming and hurling through space is about to be coiled by another in it's path). Was trying a Bill Plympton approach here. Needs work. I've taken on too many projects >.< this year.


That Girl is a Monster TaW#22-26

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Convergence NYC 2010

I will be attending/exhibiting Convergence NYC 2010 with artist friend Lauren Hoffen on AUGUST 27-29 @ The Armory located 68 Lexington Ave. in NYC!



Thursday, July 8, 2010

My husband's website is now up and running!

www.themadanimator.com is now up and running thanks to James Grendzinski who re-coded it in AS2 from our AS3 version that was giving us hell for a whole year! James is a web designer and graphic designer who needs to update his portfolio and can be contacted via Twitter @jgrendzinski for whatever creative problems you need solving. I am happy it's finally up since it was a pain to create in flash. I'm proud of Jason Price's work and accomplishments as an animator and artist in general. Jason works as an animator for the company www.yourcards.com so check them out! Subscribe and spread the Custom-Made animated greeting cards to your family and friends for FREE! Yourcards.com is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Tryptophantasia II this Saturday 7/10/10

Web News Article

Facebook trailer Kali put together for the show.