Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kitchen Background TaW#7

I'll being doing 8 sample backgrounds for a children's show. This is number one and I'll be counting them as part of my TaW schedule. I think this came out awesome and looking forward to trying out different whimsical palettes. Very excited. Also this weekend, me and Jay went to see Peter Giser's play (directed and produced). The play is called "Out of Order" by Ray Cooney and it's a British comedy. It's playing now at The 45th Street Theatre (NYC) on 2/25 & 2/26 and starts at 8:30PM. This week was crowded, so get your tickets in advance if you can. The actors are so well rehearsed you get sucked into the story fast and forget everything else. You'll come out of the theater with your face hurting all over from laughter. The stage background design really caught me too versus what I have seen in the past on off off broadway shows. And I'm not just saying this because Peter is a friend and let me feed his rabbits Roger and Carl. ^.^ Just an added bonus.

You can purchase tickets here:

I'll also be updating and showing progress on my new paintings soon (probably both on flickr and here).

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