Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Character Designs for Con-Princess

Yay! A new "Thing a Week" - concept drawings of a character from a project I'm working on. The animated short is about two medieval con-artists/thieves from two different backgrounds that decide to pair up for a big heist. I'll be posting up the cleaned-up versions in flash soon. Meantime, enjoy!

Damsel on horse back.

Con-Princess in formal attire.

Barmaid attire.


  1. Seeing this makes me think you might be interested in this novel, The Stepsister Scheme by Jim Hines. It's about the fairy tale princesses we know as bad-ass adventurers. I haven't read it yet though. But my old boss was the agent for the author. And the kidnapped prince has the same name as me :).

  2. LoL. Sure I'll check it out on my next Barnes N Noble run.

  3. She's very Don Bluth looking. Very good.