Saturday, September 17, 2011

On metal (like copper) materials as surfaces and foundation for oil painting and more...

Hello Mani,

Our Metal Line Panels have been prepared leaving the surface in a raw state. The metal panels have been sanded leaving an open tooth and cleaned ready for your choice of medium.  Leave the wrapped metal panel in it's original packaging until you're ready to paint.  Copper and Brass metals have an increased sensitivity to moisture, oils and it's environment.  We suggest that you handle the panel wearing gloves, because oils in skin or natural elements in the environment could leave blemishes.  Some Artists will paint directly onto the surface of the metal.  Some Artists do some grinding and easy hammering creating different effects.  If copper is left untreated, Artists will be able to create beautiful patinas on the copper surfaces.  

We recommend using a clear primer.  Once a primer is applied the metal can be touched or left open in your studio without worry of tarnish.  Many fine art stores can offer you information depending upon your type of paint manufacturer.  If your brand of paint does not make a primer for their paints there are many products on the market such as: Krylon, Golden GAC 200, Lascaux, as examples.  We prefer using an industrial product: X-I-M 400 Clear which is a primer, sealer and bonder in one.  The spray can is easy to use and the application leaves an even coat.  This product can be purchased via internet.  Most all mediums, oil paints, acrylics, enamels, inks are compatible with metals.  If you're using the metal panel as an ink jet print format there's a product called inkAID Clear which is an excellent printing primer product.

When your Artwork has completely dried use an UV  Varnish.  Try a fine art store to purchase a varnish to suit your needs.   Or a fine hardware store in your area should be able to assist you.  Should your artwork be mainly the metal that you are working on use an UV Varnish, such as Copper Shield, Permalac Spray Lacquer.  Follow manufacturers instructions and apply at least 3 - 4 coats to front, sides and back of your artwork.

Don't be afraid working on our metal panels.  If an area is not coming out very well, use an painting knife to scrap off paint, OMS, or even a very fine sandpaper can remove paint down to the original metal surface.  For some blemishes/finger prints try using a metal cleaner such as, Brasso Metal Polish which cleans and polishes quite well.  Use a soft clean cotton cloth and use the product on the blemished area end to end.  Do not submerge the panel in water, over saturation will compromise the substrate.  If further assistance is needed with this we can resurface the Metal Panel for you for a nominal fee.  

Capture the nature beauty and illuminate your subject matter as not other canvas can do.  So enjoy the experience painting on metal as the ultimate of all substrates.

Please don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Duho Studios, LLC
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