Thursday, September 15, 2011

Extreme Wood Branding

So I got the Dremel Versa Tip off Amazon for like $20 something and it arrived today in the mail. I tore into the packaging like a lion on a limping gisele and proceeded to fool around with it for an hour to get a feel for it. Softer wood seems to yield better to it. Make sure you have a well ventilated area to do it. My kitchen now smells like Rhode Island in October. It's a very sugary burn smell. Doesn't bother me but other people it might. It came with a bunch of tips and can work with plastic and metal (not just wood). The markings are deep so it's safe to say that no one can claim your work with this in your belt. They would have to chip it out without destroying the art. No need to thank me. Purchasing my art will do.
Here's the back of the purpleheart panel (Ochun's Pregnant) signed and dated. I messed up the date so I just added the one...Oops! Ya, I need more practicing but it's pretty cool. Also you can now see how the varnish looks vs unvarnished in the pictures below. Again, I encourage feedback and a dialogue from other fellow artists. And if you have a story or product you're so happy with that's made your artistic life easier, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. 

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