Sunday, August 28, 2011

First video blog attempt ...

You can use almost any wood to work on BUT you need to suck the moisture and resin out which is why most are kiln dried. Now if you're like me and stuck with white pine wood or any wood from a hardware store instead of an art store because you're trying to save a few bucks then this is what you could do. You can bake it in the oven if it's not too big on low and watch it closely for warping (I will have what temp soon from Duho Studios).
Then sand it and gesso the whole thing with white or clear gesso and paint as normal. To keep from warping you can have it framed later or cradled. Or you can use it as scrap wood to play with. You'll mostly want to purchase hard woods not ply or soft wood since they hold more moisture and resin (not necessarily since purpleheart has a lot of resin). I spoke to another artist veteran and gallery owner who said in the past it was the galleries and the collectors job to preserve it but since the market is changing this responsibility is now back on the artist. Wood is organic keep in mind and will warp with age but depending how well are your attempts it should be minimal.

Second up is the art literature review:
I recommend these books/magazines for resources and valuable information on career to product reviews.

The Artist's Magazine September 2011 issue Thanks to this, I am considering playing with copper as a painting surface! I know it's been used for centuries by master artists, but used today still? That's kinda awesome. I will post pics of this progress.

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron I can't recommend this enough.

Third is my experiment on ebay with the PennyAuction:
First try was a failure despite the amount of views (200+) and 3 watchers. Second attempt was a success I think in part due to me changing the shipping price. I am excited to ship my painting to a loving home on Monday but I can't help but feel it's the shipping that makes people feel put off. There's nothing I can do except give as best an accurate shipping rate as possible but I don't want all profit to go to that. I will figure something out to make the auction process more fun. I am happy though that my internet business is expanding and looking forward in creating a dialogue with art lovers and fans in the future.

Fourth and final is a private commission:
I was contacted by a private collector via facebook to do an erotic commission piece. I'll be posting progress pics of that as well before I ship it out.

I am also leaving the transcript from the group #fridaynightartdorks below for learning purposes only and to give background to those just tuning in. Enjoy and be safe people!

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